SOMS holds these values not as a set of rules, but a standard to which we have been called. Our ministry adheres to these Core Values. 
Above all else, honor God in all we do


1. Communion – We believe that every person should have an intentional interactive relationship with God:  
         a. Love God with all your heart. 
         b. Worship God privately and corporately. 
         c. Prayer is essential as individuals and as a team.  
         d. Set aside time for God. 
         e. Ask yourself: “What is in my life that is getting in the way of putting God first?” Deuteronomy 6:5 

  2. Unity – We believe that every person should share the single, common mission of the ministry.   
          a. We are all on the same team. It’s not ‘us against them.’   
          b. We look for ways to serve one another. 
          c. We’re all in it together – one heart, one purpose, one mind. 
          d. Our attitude matters. It reflects the condition of our heart. It can affect others positively or negatively. 
          e. Ask yourself: “Am I supportive of the whole ministry and not just the areas about which I am passionate? Would others know that I am a Christ follower by my attitude? John 17:11; 1 Corinthians 1:10 

  3. Community – We believe every person should be involved in deep, authentic friendships with other Christ followers. 
          a. Through these relationships, we give each other grace, forgiveness, and truth; and hold each other accountable. 
          b. We commit to know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated. 
          c. We take hurts, frustrations, and offenses directly to each other instead of gossiping. 
          d. We love one another, think the best of one another, encourage one another, and tell the truth. 
          e. We value authenticity, which means we are committed to being ourselves.  
          f.  “What keeps me from being completely involved in authentic community? Is there someone I need to go to and speak the truth in love? Acts 2:41-47 
4. Convergence – We believe our faith should impact our world. 
          a. We are to be God-centered, others-centered, not us-centered; we are to strive to be selfless. 
          b. Our focus is on God and what He wants to do through us. 
          c. Jesus calls us to converge our faith on our world through the way we live, missions, and evangelism. 
          d. We are committed to creating a non-threatening environment for everyone to ‘come as they are’ and have a safe place to explore their questions of faith. 
          e. Ask yourself: “Where is my focus…on me or on what God wants to do through me?” Matthew 28:18-20; 1 John 4:19-21 

  5. Serving – We believe that serving is a response to God.  
          a. Service is an act of worship. 
          b. Service is an act of obedience. 
          c. Serving flows from a grateful heart. 
          d. Serving cannot earn more grace. 
          e. Ask yourself: “Do I serve because I am grateful for what God has done for me?” Mark 10:45 

  6. Excellence – We believe that God calls us to do whatever we do with excellence. [Give your best, not perfection.] 
          a. Excellence honors God and inspires others. 
          b. Excellence removes distractions so that others can more easily focus on God. 
          c. We show our commitment to excellences by showing up on time and being prepared. 
          d. Excellence means we give God our best (not our leftovers) and serve where we are gifted. 
          e. Ask yourself: “Is there any part of my life where I am not giving God my best?” Matthew 25:14-30, Romans 12:11 

  7. Relevance – We believe that faith in, and commitment to follow Christ is relevant to every person in the world today because it has the power to change hearts and lives. 
           a. The Bible is relevant and is our authority on matters of faith and the practice of faith. 
           b. We are committed to helping people see the relevance of our faith and how it can change their lives for the better. 
           c. We strive to make all that we do relevant for people today. 
           d. Ask yourself: What is in the way of our active, intentional study of God’s word?” Matthew 4:4 

  Children and Youth Ministry Values 
  CHILDREN ARE IMPORTANT – We know that children matter to God. All leaders and servers working in SOMS’s ministry know that God loves each and every child; therefore, each child matters to them. 
SAFE – We believe that spiritual growth happens best in an atmosphere of emotional and physical safety. We are committed to exceptional standards in these areas. (See additional section on safety policies and procedures on ministry handbook.) 
TRUTH-BASED – We believe that God’s word is foundational and it is our heart to train every child to use it as their guide and authority in everything. 
CHILD-CENTERED – Adults working with children should strive to gain a child’s perspective. Whether adults are working with five year olds or 17 year olds, their perspective needs to be age specific. By understanding the world in which children live, adults are able to relate to whom they are ministering. Thus SOMS strives to make sure that each lesson is designed to appeal to its respective age level. In addition, all children are to be accepted, not alienated. 
RELATIONAL – We believe that life change happens best in the context of relationship. Passionate adults who exhibit Christ to children, their families, and each other will show kids how to do the same and impact generations to come. In addition, we will respect the privacy of the children and their families (or other servers) by holding in confidence any information obtained in the course of serving. 
ADVENTUROUS – We believe that children should have fun! This means that as adults, we must be creative, innovative, and adventurous in reaching them and holding their attention. We believe that children are more receptive to the lessons when they are presented in a creative way. And we know that when children are having fun, they are actively engaged in the lesson; when they are actively engaged in the lesson, they are learning; and when they are learning, they are growing.