We need volunteers to make this possible!

Here are the areas we need dedicated volunteers to ensure things run smoothly and consistently:

Website Development 

  • Collaborate with the leadership of SOMS to help develop and maintain website content and design. 
  • Provide creative ideas to keep the website up to date and relevant for the organization. 

Fundraising Manager 

  • Provide ideas for fundraising opportunities. 
  • Oversee fundraising activities. 
  • Help brainstorm ways to tell the SOMS story to possible donors or supporters 

Social Media Manager 

  • Post on and manage social media accounts. 
  • Create ways for members and the community to engage through social media accounts. 

Riding Instructor 

  • Instruct and encourage kids during riding lessons based on the CHA model of instruction. 
  • Assess completion of skills. 
  • Assess the horses during lessons. 
  • Keep kids and horses safe before, during, and after lessons. 

Arena Helper (X2) 

  • Be in the arena to help the instructor with leading, encouraging, safety, and possibly some instruction. 

Equine Education Instructor 

  • Provide equine education instruction on lesson days, based on the manual provided by SOMS. 
  • Communicate with other equine education instructors and collaborate on lessons. 

Faith Lessons Instructor 

  • Provide a faith lesson for multiple small groups on lesson days. 
  • Help kids to grow in faith and their love for the Lord. 
  • Communicate with other instructors and collaborate on lessons. 

Equine Education and Faith Lessons Floater (X4) 

  • Be an “extra” adult present in the groups to help manage the kids, and provide the lead instructor help, if/when needed.