So Others May Shine

FAQ Sheet


Who is SOMS for?

    ~ SOMS is mainly for kids ages 5 and up

What is SOMS?

    ~ SOMS is a Christ centered equestrian program that teaches youth how to take responsibility for their own lives through caring for horses and learning horsemanship


What goes on at a typical lesson?

    ~ 1st lesson: Adult and student attend a required Welcome Orientation where you will be given a general overview of how the program works, including the rules, conduct expectations, and attire requirements. Then your child will have an opportunity to join in a riding lesson.

    ~ Proceeding Lessons are set up as a rotation of 3 Stations:  Faith Lesson, Equine Education, and Riding Lesson  
    ~ All Membership enrollment documents must be completed before attending a lesson.​

When does SOMS meet?
   ~ Lessons are typically the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month, start times to be announced depending on the season
   ​~ Membership Meetings are quarterly starting in January. We meet Mondays every 3rd month at 6:30p.m. at Huikko’s Bowling Center in Buffalo, MN


Where does SOMS meet?

    ~ Spring-Fall: 3822 Colbert Avenue Northwest,

                 Buffalo, MN 55313

    ~ Winter: Centre Pointe Stables

                5756 Ehler Avenue Southeast

                Delano, MN  55328


Why choose SOMS?

    ~ To grow in faith, with God’s help

    ~ To instill morals, self-confidence, accountability and self-respect in our students

    ~ To learn how to ride and care for horses

​​What is the cost?

    ~ New Families are welcome to attend one session. Upon return Membership Dues would apply.

    ~ $25 per month for 1st child and $5/month for every child there after

    ~ Scholarships may be available on a case by case basis per request

Why do we charge membership dues?
​    ~ Membership dues are charged to cover normal operating costs of the organization. This also gives each member a first chance to RSVP for sessions and other SOMS events.
    ~ Membership dues do not guarantee participation or imply a guarantee of any services owed in exchange for dues.

​If events are cancelled, do I get a refund?
    ~ No, Membership dues are not charged per event. SEE why do we charge Membership Dues Above.
    ~ While SOMS will make every attempt to reschedule a canceled event it is not guaranteed.

​If I do not attend lessons this month, do I get a refund?
    ~ No, Membership dues are not charged based on participation or lack thereof. SEE why do we charge Membership Dues Above.

​How do I cancel my Membership?
    ~ In the event you choose to no longer participate with SOMS you need to provide advanced written notice. You will need to send an email to​​​​​ stating your name and cancelation date.
    ~ Cancelations need to be received in writing before the Monthly Billing has been processed. Any invoice billed or processed before cancelation will be considered valid and due.

Why do I have to RSVP?
    ~ SOMS is an ALL volunteer organization and we ask for an RSVP to ensure the correct number of volunteers are present for each lesson or event. ​​